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Questions to ask before buying an electric mobility scooter.


Electric, motorized, foldable, portable, bariatric, heavy-duty, airline-approved. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? 

Suppose you have had your mobility impaired in any way. In that case, an Electric Mobility scooter may well be the key to unlock your freedom once again. 

adult couple on electric mobility scooters sightseeing

Over the years, I learned that mobility scooters, regardless of their features, all have one thing in common. They all help people live a more independent and social lifestyle. So much so, some people can not get by without one. 

It is 2021, and there are thousands of different mobility scooters on the market. You may find this fact incredibly daunting as you begin searching online for the best stores and deals, but also for the product which will suit you and what you want to achieve.

Undoubtedly, you are here because you are considering buying a mobility scooter or thinking of making a purchase sometime in the future. Why not talk through with a First Medical Advocate - Freedom Rep before you take the plunge? They will aid you to maximize your investment and get the most out of the scooter you choose for many years to come. 

Anyway, shall we get into it?

Will you use your mobility scooter indoors or for outdoor travel?

Indoor Mobility Scooters:

Suppose you intend to use your mobility scooter indoors at home and inside shopping malls and indoor markets. In that case, the main points for consideration should be the turning radius and the unit's ease of maneuverability. 

Often, homes have narrow spaces and walkways, and many shops have narrow aisles that would be too small for larger scooters. In this circumstance, a fold-up, compact travel scooter could be a solid choice for you as they lend themselves to traversing tight and narrow spaces with a great deal of ease. 

Indoor Use Recap:
  • Ease of maneuverability
  • Smaller turning radius
  • Compact / portable travel scooters are ideal

Mobility Scooters For Outdoors Use:

Suppose you are looking for an electric mobility scooter that you will use for outdoor travel. In that case, there is much more to consider to ensure you are comfortable and safe when you venture out. Safety should always supersede anything else! Ideally, you should find a model with solid construction that can handle uneven surfaces and rough ground. 

4-wheel mobility scooters for adults are sturdy and will give you the most stability and confidence while out riding. It would be best if you also looked for anti-roll mechanisms and suspension features, Which will ensure a high level of comfort. Also, check that you fit within the maximum weight capacity of any given model. Always look for mobility scooters that have good brakes, mirrors, signal lights, headlights, and some form of personal storage. 

Will you be traversing steep hills or curbs?

Suppose your everyday journeys often involve going up and down curbs and steep hills. In that case, you should look for mobility scooters that have extra power. I have alluded to 4 wheel mobility scooters previously and again in this instance. They are engineered mostly for outdoor use. 

Four-wheel models usually always have the power and features to handle these obstacles as standard. 

Travel mobility scooters have a horrid time when faced with high curbs because of their small wheels, making curb climbing extremely unsettling and dangerous.

Scooter models with larger diameter wheels and pneumatic tires are a must; they will help navigate uneven and rough terrain easily. 


Will you be driving on the roads?

Most jurisdictions do not allow mobility scooters on the road. Even if your home state permits, we strongly advise against it because it is perilous due to no protection from the elements and your speed limitation. 


Outdoor use recap:

  • Four-wheel mobility scooters are the most sturdy and stable
  • Does it have Suspension?
  • Does it have Good brakes?
  • Does it have Headlights and taillights?
  • Does it have Turning signals?
  • Does It have storage – such as a basket?
  • Is it fitted with an Alarm?



Restrictions In Your Home

You would be surprised by how many people jump in and buy a mobility scooter without first considering any restrictions they may have at home. Consider adequate storage space, narrow doorways, and gravel paths.

Always, always, always consider the space required to house your unit and keep it safe and in working order, and anything which may impede its use. 

Suppose you intend to keep your mobility scooter outside. In that case, you will need to think about security and how you will keep it sheltered from the elements. Portable storage covers can be a great option if you do not have a permanent fixture.

Home restrictions – questions to consider.

  • What are the dimensions of my scooter, and how much space is required to store it?
  • Where will I keep my mobility scooter?
  • Will it fit through all the passageways and access points I need to use?
  • How will I keep it safe?
  • How will I keep it sheltered?
  • Is the terrain suitable?
  • Should I get it insured?


Scooter Comfort

If your mobility scooter will be your sole means of travel, you had better make sure you will be comfortable. You will spend many joyful hours using it!  

Mobility scooter brands all have different selling points in this arena, as they continually devise smarter ways to keep operators' comfort levels high. Consider how tall you are and how much you weigh, and your build. Will you need extra support or help to get on or off? 

Some of the great features we have seen are seats that can be lowered, tilted, swiveled, raised to help movement, and again adjusted for comfort. 

In terms of smooth riding, look for good Suspension, seat suspension, inflatable tires instead of solid, adjustable seats and armrests. 

Comfort Questions:

  • Does it have Suspension? 
  • What Features does the seat have?
  • Is there adequate legroom for someone my height?
  • Will the scooter take my weight?
  • Is there sufficient support?


Does it need to be transportable?

Transportable mobility scooters or travel scooter manufacturers engineer with

Evrider Transport AF in blue

convenience in mind. If you are traveling away from your home, on excursions and trips, you should spend some time looking through these types of models; they are plentiful on our site.  

Some travel scooter models can fold down and up automatically using a key fob or by manual intervention. 

These scooters often will fold down to the size of a suitcase and fit into the trunk of your car; that's how portable they are.

These types of models are also usually lightweight, so you can lift them unassisted. 

Some models are also airline approved so that you can take them on airplane journeys. 

We often hear our customers tell us fantastic stories of trips and cruises. They have been thoroughly pleased with being able to transport their scooter around for sightseeing effortlessly.


  • Will I take my scooter on airplane journeys?
  • Will my scooter fit in my vehicle with ease?
  • How much effort do I want to put into folding up and breaking down the unit for travel?
  • Is the scooter lightweight so I can lift it with ease?
  • How portable does my scooter need to be?


Charging the batteries

Finally, let's consider how you would like your scooter to charge. There are usually two options for battery charging, onboard and offboard. 

Onboard charging means you can plug the scooter in to charge without removing the battery. You will find many of the larger models have this option as the batteries are large and heavy. 

Offboard charging requires you to remove the batteries from the scooter to plug in the charger.


Before you make your purchase

Now you have a relatively good understanding of what to look for in a mobility scooter when you are shopping online. Please make sure you shop with a reputable online store. Make sure the store you choose deals directly with the manufacturer and is an authorized dealer. By following this step, you will get a full manufacturer's warranty and full technical support and assistance where required. 


Are you ready to shop?

Are you ready to shop or need further assistance? We can help you understand what mobility scooter will help you most. If you would like to further discuss these questions, please call one of the Freedom Reps at 

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