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Time to Ramp this up!

Ramps for easy access with your mobility aid. 

Wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps allow for better access to areas that normally aren't accessible with mobility aids. A ramp can be used for various purposes, depending on its design. For example, a ramp can be used in homes, to enter buildings, to enter vehicles, to move around multi-level locations, etc.

We’ll discuss in detail the reasons why wheelchair and mobility scooter users need ramps. You’ll understand the solutions that these specialized products offer to mobility-impaired individuals.

The Merits of Installing a Ramp in Your Home or Having One with You Everywhere You Go

There are many reasons why you’ll need to install a wheelchair or mobility scooter ramp in your residence or take it along with you on trips. They include the following:

  • To achieve more freedom of movement
  • To have a convenient, easy-to-install ramp that’s portable
  • It increases the resale value of the house/building
  • It makes things easier for caregivers
  • It’s a cheaper solution to gain more freedom of mobility
  • To move heavy-duty mobility wheelchairs and mobility scooters easily
  • To get a suitable mobility access equipment that’s made with better materials
  • To prevent accidents or minimize the risk of getting injured while mobile

  • To Achieve More Freedom of Movement
  • This should perhaps be considered as the most important reason for buying a ramp. Having more freedom to move about at home and around outdoor locations means more independence. What about being able to access vehicles such as buses, boats, etc.

    A home ramp installation can give the elderly and mobility impaired easy access to many areas in or around the home. For example, doorways, steps, patios, decks, showers, raised landings, sliding glass doors, and so on. You’ll be able to get in and out of the house or other buildings conveniently.

    There are places you frequently visit, right? For example, hospitals, grocery stores, parks, etc. You’ll need to enter the buildings, gain access to the sites, or move around the locations without hassle. Choose to buy a ramp or get another one to suit your new lifestyle or mobility requirements.

  • To Have a Convenient, Easy-to-Install Ramp That’s Portable
  • Portability is very important for both indoor and outdoor ramp usage. Imagine that you have to carry the ramp around because of its multipurpose application in your home. How will it be easy to move it around if it’s too heavy?

    Some products can be adjusted or disassembled into separate/smaller parts for easy carriage, storage, or installation. You should get them for added convenience.

  • It Increases the Resale Value of the House/Building
  • You may not be elderly or mobility impaired, but you may wish to get one of these products for various purposes. For instance, you are making your home or business accessible to wheelchair and mobility scooter users. It can improve the resale value of the building. The installation of a ramp at the front of your home can also enhance its curb appeal.

  • It Makes Things Easier for Caregivers
  • Caregivers do a lot to ensure the comfort of the elderly and mobility impaired and take care of them. For example, moving groceries, equipment, furnishings, and so on. It’s only fitting that their jobs should be made less energy and time-consuming by getting a ramp that requires minimal effort to handle and install. 

    Your loved ones may be your caregivers. You should keep them in mind when shopping for a labor and time-saving product.

  • It’s a Cheaper Solution to Gain More Freedom of Mobility
  • We won’t forget how ramps are a cost-effective solution for easy mobility instead of using sophisticated machines to lift wheelchairs or scooters and carry them to a target spot. A ramp doesn’t have any mechanical and electrical functionality that would make it as expensive as the specialized lifts (different from patient lifts).

  • To Move Heavy-Duty Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters Easily
  • One of the challenges riders and caregivers face is getting heavy-duty wheelchairs or mobility scooters to an inaccessible spot with minimal stress and time. This is because of the weights and sizes of such vehicles. With ramps produced with solid materials, the problem will be solved.

  • To Get a Suitable Mobility Access Equipment, That’s Made with Better Materials
  • Your old ramp may not be made of materials that are sturdy and durable enough. You may need a product that’s manufactured with better materials. (e.g., aluminum, steel, rubber, pressure-treated wood, etc.) The materials should be able to handle the weight of the vehicle and person being moved.

  • To Prevent Accidents or Minimize the Risk of Getting Injured While Mobile
  • The use of ramps isn’t limited to those that use wheelchairs and mobility scooters. What about older people and mobility impaired individuals that move with the aid of canes, crutches, walkers, and so on? Safety is an important factor when you consider the physical condition of the person. Ramps make mobility uncomplicated and therefore safer.

    Types of Ramps You May Find While Shopping

    • Boat ramps
    • Trailer ramps
    • Van ramps
    • Ramps without handrails
    • Modular portable ramps with handrail(s)

    You can purchase these helpful devices on the First Medical Advocate site. They’re from the Roll-A-Ramp brand.


    Think about the places that will require you to use a ramp before shopping for one. That should be the first consideration. Assess the internal and external architecture of your home before making a choice. Other details like affordability, durability, portability, aesthetics, adjustability, and so on can follow.

    Ensure that you hire a professional to install the ramp. Now you’re one ramp or lift closer to achieving more freedom and independence.

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