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How to pick a travel scooter for me?

What to look for Before Purchasing a Travel Scooter

There are many factors you’ll need to take into account to find the best travel scooter for you and your needs. Determining these factors are simple but need careful consideration.


What is the weight of the scooter? What are the dimensions of the travel scooter? Does the portable scooter foldup or disassemble in to pieces?  What is the cost of the travel scooter? What is the weight capacity of the scooter? Is this travel scooter airline approved?


In this article we’ll cover and review some of the important questions you need answers to so that you can make an informed decision on purchasing a new portable travel scooter.



 What is the weight of a mobile travel scooter?

One of the main key points on the determination of purchasing the perfect travel scooter is the weight. That being said. When traveling, this scooter needs to be as portable and light as possible to move when you move.


Light and compact are what will serve you when you need to navigate thought the airport terminal, restaurants, busy shopping malls, cruise ships.


Easy to handle for unloading and loading into vehicles. You will find yourself lifting this travel scooter more often during vacations and travel than any other times.


If you are managing the scooter yourself or need the help from a friend or family member, it’s important to know that a lightweight travel scooter can be the best electric mobility device to make your life easier when traveling.  


What is the dimension of a travel scooter?

The most common front door sizes in American houses are 36 inches wide. When traveling we understand that most doorways and passage ways are at least this width or better. Most airports and terminals accommodate for people with disabilities to negotiate through these public places.


Because most of our travel scooter manufactures understand the importance of compact size. The average width of a travel scooter is 16 inches. This will be more than enough to ride through most public locations and travel centers comfortably.


Rest assured that maneuvering through doorways, elevators, up and down ramps you will find that these compact travel scooters will perform with no problems.


If by chance you do run into a tight space that the travel scooter will not fit through. Our top line scooter is easy to fold up or disassemble in a matter of seconds. This will keep you moving along during your travel times.


Does my travel scooter fold up or come apart?

Travel scooters by definition are designed to be very portable and user friendly. There are two types on the market. One type automatically folds up with a push of as remote key fob, or button on the scooter. The other types of travel scooters come apart in several pieces.


Of course, the automatic folding travel scooters are the preferred choice. This is by far more convenient. As an alternative the other travel scooters come apart into multiple pieces.




Which travel scooters are airline approved?

Is traveling your favorite thing? Do your travel plans often include plane rides? We have a lineup of top popular travel scooters that are verified Airline Approved.  

Previous laws with lithium-ion batteries have sometimes caused issues for travelers with their mobility device. Recent FAA policy changes allow passengers to bring one battery (not exceeding 300-watt hours) or two batteries (not exceeding 160-watt hours each) in their carry-on luggage. All travel scooter models we carry have been verified to have airline approval for safe traveling.


What is the cost of a travel scooter?

Determining the features, you need or want in a travel or portable scooter the price range can vary from $1000 to $3500.


With most convenient options on your travel scooter the more the cost will be. That is not to say that the lower cost ones are not quality. All our travel scooters are put through a quality control inspection and tested for functionality.


Consider how much you travel a year. Consider the options you are wanting in a travel scooter. These will be your guide when it comes to shopping for the right travel scooter. 


What Are the Best Travel Scooters for 2021?

We’ve collected a list of what we consider the 5 best travel scooters for 2021 below. These models all fit the criteria of a travel scooter that will serve you best.  Check out the list of features on these models. It’s important to do a comparison of each scooter to determine which will fit your needs and budget.





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