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About Us


Because Our Family Cares for Yours.

First Medical Advocate is a company dedicated helping you increase your quality of life by helping you stay independent and mobile with our mobility aids. Reducing your chance for injury and product affordability are our top priorities.

The number of individuals nearing retirement, or are already there, is growing. Between the ages of 55 and 73 nearly half (47%) are already in retirement. By the year 2031 the last of those born between 1946 and 1964 will reach full retirement age. One of their close personal  values is "safety". These individuals tend to be more self-disciplined, obedient, organized and dependable than younger generations. With that being said we want to ensure they can continue to cultivate those attribute in us and well as themselves. In home health care

We are here to focus our attention to the need for accessibility and standard of living. That is why we have joined forces with top U.S. manufacturing company's that value quality, safety, and affordability. 

It's important to First Medical Advocate to match what our customer's needs are and find the necessary tools to fulfill those needs.