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Verified Best Price Guarantee

First Medical Advocate is proud to offer a verified best online price and price matching service. You can find this guarantee on thousands of items which contain the best price match insignia.

Verified Best Price Guarantee Stamp

Price Match Terms, conditions, and Q & A

Qualified Products Only: All products listed on which contain the “Price Match” insignia are eligible for our price match guarantee. We work hard to ensure this is 95% of all products we sell

Why we can price match: We are authorised dealers of all brands and products listed on our store. We work directly with suppliers, distributors and manufacturers to cut out unnecessary costs. Most of the companies in our supply chain require us to adhere to a “MAP” pricing program (Minimum Advertised Pricing). As we sell all our items at the “MAP” this means we are advertising the lowest possible price online for those products! If one of our suppliers does not operate a MAP policy, we work closely with them to negotiate high volume discounts, and distribution relationships. This translates to exceptional price points and savings for you, our valued customers.

Terms: If there is a rare incident where you find a lower price on another website in the USA within 24 hours of your purchase with we will refund the difference between the 2 prices. Our price match policy is subject to the further terms and conditions stipulated below.

Notification: Contact the First Medical Advocate price match team using the contact page, and title your query “price match” – or use the interactive chat program on the bottom right of the webpage. You must do this within 24 hours of purchasing from to make any claim under the price match guarantee. You must be specific and provide a live web address to the product in question from the competitors website. This will be required by the price match team to verify the competing buy price + shipping fees. The lower grand total must be available for purchase when the price match team attempt to verify the price.

Product comparison: First Medical Advocates price match policy is available for exact same products, and does not apply for customizations, options or accessories. If the product listed on FMA also contains free gifts, these will be removed from the total purchase.

Competing Stores Availability: Any competing store must have the lower price published on a public website, and this should be continuously available online to the public, and the item must be in stock. The customer and staff at must be able to verify the public product URL and we must then mutually agree and verify, with emailed screenshots the final price, using a like for like comparison. This includes exact product variations and shipping charges where applicable.  The PMG (Price Match Guarantee) only applies to those prices which are both available and advertised to the general public on a English language website / store. E.g. PMG will not apply to prices listed on membership program websites, websites which are non US based , or prices which are only available using a coupon or other promotion which is not public knowledge / offered to the public. All prices must be quoted in US Dollars ($) only. PMG can not be offered on prices from websites which fall under the category of wholesale or auction style, for example Ebay, Overstock etc.

Online Only Authorised Dealers Within The USA: The PMG can only be applied where competitors are authorized dealerships for the product in question, have a registered US business and business address but do not have a retail location, such as a showroom. The PMG does not apply to sites owned and operated by the product manufacturers who sell direct to end users and who choose to unfairly compete with their own Authorized dealers. Most manufacturers have an authrorized online dealership program and is an authorized dealer of all products and brands we carry. The PMG cannot be applied to prices from any competitor who is not an authorized dealer. Usually, these items from unscrupulous sellers are grey market without warranty or support.

Condition of Product: When applying for the PMG the same product from the competitor must be brand new. PMG only applies to products which are sold as brand new. Used, refurbished, and remanufactured products are not valid for the PMG.

Shipping, Freight and Inside / White Glove Delivery Services: First Medical Advocate does not price match freight products when inside or white glove delivery service options are chosen as a delivery method. As freight is usually delivered by third party service providers there are often complexities surrounding delivery services such as geographical location, handling, building interiors and placement. White glove delivery services such  as delivery to 1st-Room/1st-Floor, over-the-threshold delivery, deliveries requiring the use of a freight-elevator and deliveries to floors higher-than ground level - create logistical complexity within inside/indoor delivery of freight packages. Due to the myriad of complicating factors, our Price Match Policy can only be applied to items where either dock-to-dock or lift-gate curb-side freight delivery is chosen during the e-commerce shopping cart checkout process. Our "apples to apples" Price Match policy is applicable only when freight items are delivered via a dock-to-dock or lift-gate delivery method.

Product In Stock: PMG only applies to products that are in stock and available for shipping on the competitors site. Back / Pre orders do no apply.

Taxes, Shipping and Handling: PMG applies only to the product cost plus shipping / freight charges and handling. Sales tax is not included.

Verification: all PMG requests are subject to verification by the price match team at First Medical Advocate. We will not accept any other evidence or screenshots demonstrating a lower price if this can not be independently confirmed by our PMG team. We will also not honour any requests which First Medical Advocate, in its sole discretion, believes to be an error or fraudulent / bad faith

Additional Discounting: No additional discounts or coupon codes can be applied to products or orders which apply for the Price Match Guarantee Policy. E.G.  After price matching you will not be able to apply additional discounts on top.

Refunding the Difference: When a lower product price has been verified by our PMG team, the difference between the 2 prices will be refunded back to your credit / debit card. In the event the invoice is unpaid, we will reduce the total amount payable.

Policy Changes and Restrictions: First Medical Advocate reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Price Match Guarantee policy or restrict is availability to any person or company, at any time and for any or no reason, without prior notice or liability to you. First Medical Advocate reserves the right to refuse the honouring of the Price Match Guarantee if the competitor pricing is deemed to be selling at a price point below’s wholesale and distributor costs. Terms which are in effect at the time of your order will determine your eligibility for the PMG. Failure by to enforce provision or these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.